10 Things to Do with Your Tween while Social Distancing

Blog written by Jennifer Taylor

As fall has finally arrived there's even more changes to this already chaotic year. If you've decided to home-school your children or COVID-19 has you stuck inside, you might just be going stir crazy.  Even your tweens have their own unique set of challenges when it comes to dealing with a new routine and not being able to get out of the house, especially being separated from friends and of course, boredom. So...what're you going to do? We've put together a list of ten fun indoor activities (in no particular order) that are perfect to entertain older kids while you’re at home. 

1. Get Moving! 

Even if there was not this pandemic, movement and exercise are essential for kids of all ages. When they are not in school and stuck around the house they’re probably not moving around nearly as much as they use to. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun ways to get kids active. You can play movement-based games together or download a dancing video game-like “Just Dance.” They can also do exercise routines from YouTube to try or participate in kid's yoga. There are many different routines to do that you can find online that are geared towards tweens. Your kids may be happy to be strutting their stuff in their yoga pants for tweens or their own appropriately sized girls activewear

2. Make some crafts or create some art 

Crafts and art projects are not just for little kids! Tweens also enjoy making them too – however it should be age appropriate. Some fun craft ideas for tweens are painting, knitting, scrapbooking, or sewing. You can look online for DIY crafts or art projects. Many tween girls enjoy creating their own stylish tween clothing. Get a pair of neutral tween leggings and let them decorate away! Another fun idea is to pull out all those craft supplies you haven’t used yet and get creative together as a  family! Win-win for everyone involved. 

3. Have a “virtual hangout” with friends 

We’re all social beings and with tweens, it's even more apparent how tough it can be on them. To help  make it easier, help your tweens arrange a virtual hangout session with a few of their friends. There are so many video chat apps you can use nowadays such as Skype or Zoom where everyone can see each other and play virtual games or chat face to face. Another one can be on your phone as well. With any online platforms, make sure you’re checking to see that they are communicating in a safe environment.

4. Design their own magazine.  

If they're still feeling creative, how about creating their own magazine? This is a super fun project for  older kids and tweens. Have them choose a theme that interests them and then have them research it online. They can explore and get creative by choosing things that interest them! Some DIY magazine topics can include travel, history, pop culture or current events, health, sports or fitness, or a fashion or  beauty magazine. They can also go online to our website and print off the tween girl clothing that they  like to put together for their own unique magazine! We can just see them in our Limeapple bubble onesie now – sitting and creating away.

5. Relax.  

Needless to say, times are very stressful right now. Even if your tweens don't tell you, they’re probably feeling the weight of it too. Plan some activities that they can do with you or alone, to destress and relax.  

• Colouring in an adult colouring book 

• Taking a relaxing bubble bath 

• Skincare – a face mask will always do the trick 

• Soaking your feet in a foot spa 

• Doing yoga 

• Lounging in comfy clothes perfect for them (tween wear or tween clothing made especially for  them) 

6. Swim. 

We know that summer is over however it doesn’t mean that swimming or going to the pool has to stop!  Swimming has shown to have lots of health benefits for your tweens. Be sure to purchase swimsuits that are appropriate for your tween girls so they will enjoy being in the water! 

7. Science experiments anyone? 

Regardless if your child is homeschooled or attending their classes, science experiments are always fun.  Try and find experiments that are based on their curriculum. There are also a lot of experiments that can  be done with common household items such as baking soda, vinegar, or baking powder).  These are great activities not only for tweens, but for multiple ages! Just tailor the level of science and complexity to their grade level. Also, set them up in their comfiest tween clothing to ensure that they enjoy all the fun! 

8. Have a family marathon movie day/night

Popcorn anyone? This one is fun for parents and tweens alike! Stay in your comfy tween wear (tween  leggings and yoga pants are essential!) and bring on the snacks! Movie days are a great way of spending  time relaxing together – the hardest part will be finding a movie you all agree on. A comedy or inspiring movie is always a good choice, and who says you only have to have one of these days?  

9. Enjoy the “great indoors” 

With all this free time, now's their chance to learn a new skill. In addition to the list above, check out websites for activities  designed to encourage your tweens to try new challenges and learn new skills at home (some include  cooking classes, learning a new language, growing a veggie garden, etc). You’d be surprised by the number of supplies/items that you have lying around your house!  

Lastly, if you’re able to try and get some fresh air everyday, even if you can’t go anywhere, it will help boost your mood and your health. For the rest of the day, these indoor activities will entertain your tweens at home and hopefully help make these days go by quicker.  

10. Gratitude jar 

Even though it’s been a hard time for your tweens and all family members alike, we can always be grateful for something. Introduce a gratitude jar system. Everyone gets their own jar and each day, they  have to write one thing that they’re grateful for. This could be their other siblings (or entire family up to  you). At first it may seem like a chore to them but eventually, they will have a newfound appreciation  for life and their family members. Another additional activity from this is for kids to pull out their jars and read all the wonderful things they’ve said about each other.  

Overall, try to make the best of your time with your tweens at home. The best part of staying at home?  Being comfy and cozy in your girl's clothing. We have the comfiest loungewear for your tween at this time. The best part? It was designed specific for your tween girls and their body shape, in colours and styles that they’ll live in and love. What’s not to like about that?

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