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      Finish your ensemble with our assortment of fashion accessories and more. You can snuggle up in our Minky dot bubble onesies , Minky blankets or choice of mermaid faux fur sleeping bags. Our favorite classic Minky dot fabric is available in the must-have onesie, in a wide assortment of colors that were made for getting cozy at home, complete with pockets, a roomy hood, and soft ribbed cuffs for a fit that stays put and comfortable. Perfect for sleepovers and gifting, our sleep sacks also make the perfect slumber party essential and takeaway for camping and lounging with a book.  Fully lined inside with a functional tail, your girl can slip into our cozy sleeping bag comfortably.  

      Our soft fashion accessories also include Minky dot bubble mittens and scarves, as well as headbands . Top your Limeapple outfit off with our trendy faux fur or Minky bubble backpacks, complete with adjustable faux leather straps making it a stylish addition to any tween wardrobe.  5 meals are given for every item sold.

      The ultimate assortment of cozy accessories, featuring our best-selling onesie, sleeping bags and accessories.