Giving Back

We give 5 meals for every item you purchase.

Little Steps, Big Changes!

Not having access to affordable and nutritious food at an early age is associated with childhood mental health issues as well as increased risks of asthma and depression.
By providing a source of nutrition and food for children in hunger we're breaking the cycle of poverty as well as providing them with the opportunity to thrive. 

For you we make beautiful clothes, with you we make beautiful change!

Helping children reach their full potential resonates with us as parents. It motivated us and inspires us every day.

Our dream is to give 1 million meals a year and make a tangible, positive impact on childhood hunger.

more than a meal

Good eating habits and overall health go hand in hand to fight disease and health issues.

Balanced eating show improved cognitive development, concentration, social skills, and learning abilities.

Giving children meals ends the cycle of poverty and enables them to reach their full potential and go on to receive an education, perform better and earn more.

Our impact so Far