With Earth Day upon us again, we're reminded to be more eco-concious. Every year, we commit ourselves to turning off the lights and going green for a day - well we're here to help you take the next step. There are tons of easy, creative ways to go green. These are some of our favorite ways to be greener and to upcycle: 

1) DIY CLEANING PRODUCTS - Did you know the average home contains 25 gallons of toxic chemicals - most of which are from store bought household cleaners? Not only is this harsh on our environment, but it also poses danger to our health through inhalation, and to our kids.  Here are some green ways to make your own cleaners. 

2) MASON JAR DIY - a cute, chic way to upcycle, this DIY shows you how to reuse your mason jars and revamp your bathroom storage. 

3) DRAWER HANDLES - I love this upcycling tip.  Every house has a bunch of random knick knacks that you no longer need - this is the perfect way to reuse them and personalize your drawers.  Plus, gold spray paint can make just about anything more stylish . Almost anything.  
4) FLOWER VASES -  With Mother's Day around the corner, this is a cute way to upcycle some old bottles. Plus, you can personalize the bottles, which an added creative bonus. 

5) UPDATE YOUR LIGHT BULBS - This is an easy way to go green, but is often overlooked. Changing your lightbulbs from incandescent bulbs to Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs will save you 66% more energy.  Trading just one bulb will save you 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. 


6) BYOB - Bring your own - bags! Many grocery stores charge for plastic bags now, so not only bringing your own reusable tote bags save the environment, but it'll also save your change.  There's also a hundred ways to creatively make your own. 

7) EAT WELL - Because, we ALL love to eat - this is one of the easier ways to go eco friendly . Support local farmers, and buy organic whenver you can.  When eating out, do some online research first. Sites like these help you source healthier, greener alternatives to dining.  Going meat free for one day a week can also have the eco impact of driving a hybrid car! 

8) DONATE - Pounds of carbon emissions are produced when we dump our old belongings and clothes in the landfill. Instead, take your old clothes to thrift stores, charities, or list them online at sites like Freecycle

9) UNPLUG - Even after turning off electronics, they continue to draw power and electricity.  To save money and reduce your environmental impact - unplug anything that glows.  Using power bars for the electronics in one room is an easy to conserve energy, so when you leave the room,  simply switch off the power bar. 

Let's make every day Earth Day - how are you going green ? 






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