Holiday 2016 Do-It-Yourself!

When you step outside, it isn’t hard to notice that the air feels brisker, and the sweet song of the birds is not as pronounced. The birds have begun to migrate for the winter, and boots and jacket weather is finally upon us.

Now, the holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about decor for your house and gifts for your loved ones!

We have compiled some of our favorite DIYs for this holiday season for you to try out! But don’t procrastinate because they take time to make. Try scheduling your DIYs for different weekends before the holidays so that you have time to finish them all!

Evergreen Holiday Garland: This holiday garland is perfect for making your house festive for the holiday season. It is also extremely simple to make. Start by drawing and cutting out an evergreen tree out of card stock. Next, trace this stencil three times on green paper for each tree. Fold the trees in half, tape a tiny eye hook to the inside before gluing the three pieces of paper together in tree formation. Then, just string them along your string of choice making tiny knots as you go to keep the trees in place! This can be hung anywhere in the house, so be creative with it.



Hanging Hat Ornaments: These hanging hat ornaments are the cutest addition to any Christmas tree! They can be hung anywhere around the house and are super simple to make. Click here for a tutorial.

Holiday Jars: The best thing about these holiday jars is that you can put anything in them and even after holiday season, the contents can be swapped out for anything! Learn how to make them here.

Teacup Candles: These teacup candles would make the perfect gift for any antique lover. Find some old tea cups from a thrift shop, grab some candle making supplies, and learn how to make them here.

Instagram Coasters: These photo coasters make the perfect gift for a friend or family member. You can put old family photos, silly pictures of your friends goofing off, or even a photo of your family dog on them! Learn how to make these Instagram inspired coasters here.

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers: This gift is perfect to make for someone who loves to constantly spice up their home. These mason jar soap dispensers can turn a boring bathroom hip in seconds! Learn how to make it here. You can either give the dispenser empty, purchase liquid hand soap, or make your own homemade soap here.

Macrame Bracelet: These macrame bracelets make amazing friendship bracelets and even better gifts! Your mom and family members would love them as well. To make a beautiful bracelet for a jewelry lover, click here.

Mini Macaron Ornaments: While these would be perfect on the Christmas tree, they would also make a wonderful decor piece or present. If you do not plan on hanging them, simply don’t add the string! Learn how to make them here.

Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub: Everyone deserves to pamper themselves every once in awhile. This foot scrub will make the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list and is simple to make. Also, you can get creative with the packaging or just put a homemade ingredients and use card in with your jar of yummy smelling scrub. To learn how to make it, click here.

Cards! Cute homemade cards make gifts all the more personal and can add a creative touch to even store bought gifts. Be creative when it comes to these and keep the person who you’re creating the card for in mind when creating it! Here are a few ideas of ones I made: 


    Written by Robyn Welsh

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