Great style means dressing for the situation at hand, whether you’re going to the grocery store with your mom, preparing for the first day of school, or playing outside with your friends. Good fashion sense can help girls feel confident and capable. It’s not just about looking good or making the right impression; it’s about feeling good and believing in yourself. Girls need strong, independent women to look up to. Here are eight flawless style role models that dress for success and make their dreams come true. 

1.Taylor Swift

The princess of pop has definitely become a fashion icon. Her “American Girl” sense of style has influenced girls all over the world. She’s often seen attending high-profile events wearing stunning short skirts, lace dresses, and fetching handbags. When she’s not playing concerts all over the world, Taylor can be seen in sporty ensembles, classy comfort wear, and adorable sweaters. She’s not afraid to take chances by mixing and matching unusual styles such as those infamous high-waist skirts and large brim hats. In addition to her iconic looks, Taylor Swift is an example of a courageous, ambitious young artist. Writing her own music, she’s an A-list celeb with a big heart.

2.Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley has become a well-known name in the last few years. She’s always full of surprises onscreen. Girls can see her kicking butt in the Divergent series, promoting courage and strength in The Fault in Our Stars, or giving Miles Teller a run for his money in The Spectacular Now. Yet, she’s always fashion forward. She sports a range of great styles including formal elegant dresses, spunky tomboy looks, and charming crop tops. Shailene Woodley is an all-around glamorous go-getter.

3.Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is all grown up. The Maleficent star is known for her gorgeous flowing dresses and long blond hair. At just 16, she’s always expressing her unique individuality. Elle Fanning is not afraid to be bold with her adorable jumpsuits, tie-dye skirts, and elegant floral patterns. How can we forget about that brilliant purple polka dot pantsuit? We’ll be admiring Elle Fanning’s sharp sense of style for many years to come.

4.Emma Watson

In addition to her blazing intelligence in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson has become an international figure for women’s rights. Not to mention, her fashion sense is always impeccable. Watching her grow up on and off screen, Emma combines a sense of maturity and grace in her personal style. She’s known for her elegant black and white dresses, perky hairstyle, and professional trouser suits. Every girl has a role model in Emma Watson.

5.Bella Thorne

At just 17, Bella Thorne has displayed a brave sense of fashion since she arrived on the scene just a few years ago. She’s known for rocking those stylish two-piece dresses, cozy fitted sweatshirts, and puffy elegant formal wear. Those luscious red locks have become all the rage. Plus, Bella Thorne keeps it modest. She’s always down to earth in the public eye.

6.Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star has become an international sensation with her small-town attitude and blazing acting style. When it comes to fashion, J-Law sports glamorous colorful dresses, pencil skirts, and adorable strapless tops. She’s a rare combination of award-winning talent and larger-than-life personality. Jennifer encourages all girls to be who they truly are.

7.Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez rounds out the list with her wide-ranging talent and posh fashion choices. She’s turned wearing overly large sweaters into a fashion frenzy. Plus, you can see her in sporty track outfits, chic jeans and t-shirts, and those classic little black dresses. Selena Gomez dares to be extraordinary with her famous sunglasses, bouncy brunette hairstyles, and fierce boot collection. Girls, get your fashion on!

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