A great alternative for TripleFlip clothing - Limeapple

A great alternative for TripleFlip clothing - Limeapple

Looking for some comfy and cozy clothes for this winter but the store you used to shop “Tripleflip” just closed. We know it is hard to find the fun and unique minky hoodies and active clothing at your local mall. But here is the good news for you, Limeapple has great options so you don’t have to look too hard. Visit www.limeapple.com to place your order online and enjoy the benefits of Limeapple’s fabulous collection of Minky hoodies, Minky pants, Minky onesies made for the active girl. Limeapple collection is made for girls with active lives. Limeapple offers large variety of collections, whether its minky bubble hoodies for holiday gifts, activewear for your girl’s practice classes or casual wear.


Bubble Hoodie

You can shop this minky bubble hoodie at Limeapple, available in a variety of colors from pink, black, fuchsia, blue, turquoise, magenta and more. It is the great alternative for Tripleflip’s minky bubble collection and its one of Limeapple’s best creations…made with finest quality plush minky fabric - so that your girl will feel comfortable and cozy. Bubble hoodies can be worn to school, practice and to other athletic activities. They make the perfect gift for fun loving active girls.


Bubble Pants

We understand how much your daughter loved those bubble pants from Tripleflip...Tripleflip closed months back. Looking for a great place to find those bubble pants again? Limeapple offers bubble pants in different colors and it will be your one stop shop to purchase all her cozy gifts for this winter….. Gift this bubble pants from Limeapple to your daughter and see how much she loves them. So, pick her favorite color and see her enjoy the warmth and coziness.



Limeapple provides the modern girl with stylish, yet comfortable active clothing that can be worn all day. The comfortable styles and fashionable designs will radiate the happiness and joy of life. The perfect size and fresh style of activewear is great to make your daughter love the practice classes and enjoy all other sports and fitness activities after school. If you were buying the Tripleflip clothes, then you will love Limeapple clothing because it is one of the best options available.

Limeapple is also the proud winner the prestigious Earnie Award for the best Tween line in 2016 and the winner of the 2017 Earnie Award for the best Swimwear line.

Tripleflip closing doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find your minky bubble hoodies, activewear and teamwear anymore. Limeapple has a huge selection of minky bubble hoodies, activewear, casual wear and teamwear for you to shop. Visit www.limeapple.com to see the full selection.

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