Our Minky Bubble Sweaters

We would like to thank you for nominating us as the #1 Best Tween Line.  We are so honored to receive this Earnie Award by Earnshaw’s in New York City!  We sell clothes that make girls feel happy.  We hope you enjoy our Limeapple clothing as much as we enjoy making them. 

Now is the season for the popular Minky Bubble Sweaters by Limeapple. Many of our Limeapple lovers have always shared how much they love our Minky Bubble Hoodies.  Every girl and parent who touch the fabric, instantly love it because of the magical cuddly softness of the fabric. The premium dimpled velour fabric is made with top quality yarns that are built for durability.  The sweaters have an unmatched feeling of luxury and are machine washable and requires no ironing. These hoodies are super durable and will not fade, pill or shrink wash after wash. 


Find your favorite one and add it to your Limeapple collection today. We have sizes from toddler girls to preteen girls.  Our popular Minky Bubble sweaters are one of our best creations! The extra warmth and coziness is noticed quickly as it helps to stay cozy inside a building and to wear outside for gym or during any extracurricular activities that young girls love to do.  

Our bubble hoodies have thumb holes that girls love and are an essential for a young girl's wardrobe. They are so comfortable to wear and not heavy.  We make these sweaters in a variety of beautiful vibrant colors. Girls can wear our hoodies straight from school to play dates, sport activities, games and events.

Our goal at Limeapple is to provide energetic, bright, comfortable and age appropriate clothing for girls. 



Here are some great posts on social media from our #limeapple lovers which we love to share! We always love to see the tags and posts from our Limeapple fans wearing Limeapple all around the world!

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