In the pool



1. Hair protection:



I used to be a swimmer, so I know not only how great of a workout it can be but how to be a smart swimmer. I had been swimming every week for about 5 years before I learned from my hairdresser that the chlorine had damaged my hair. It made it insanely dry and left it flat and frizzy. If you use the pool regularly, you can buy special shampoos and conditioners that help chlorine damage. If you already have chlorine damage, you can help it by using oils or deep conditioners. My hairdresser recommended this deep conditioner to me. I completely recommend it as it cured my dry hair in a surprisingly short period of time (plus it smells great). For those who havent gotten to the point of dry hair, my recommendation is to soak your hair in normal water before entering the pool, and wash your hair very well right after. 

 2. Flip flops

Sometimes the floor of the pool can be gross and slippery. Flip flops can prevent you from slipping as well as help you avoid having to walk with bare feet in a public space. You can get so many fun flip flops, like Havaianas. I love bright flip flops in the summer to have a pop of colour and show off your summer spirit while completing your outfit from head to toe!





If youre going to swim outdoors - be it in the ocean or an outdoor pool - sunscreen is critical. I know it may seem sticky and unpleasant, but you will regret it if you dont use it. This is not just in the present when you have lobster red skin, but in the future, as sun damage can cause discolouration (not in a nice way, in a splotchy way), wrinkles, sagging skin and even skin cancer. You can get it in fantastic smells that take you into a tropical coconut heaven. My current favourite is the Hawaiian Tropic lotion. I also love the Trust the Bum brand which comes in adorable packaging and has a variety of scents.
Remember to bring lip balm that has spf in it. If you havent experienced it, you do not want to know what it feels like to have burnt lips - it is not fun. 

4. Cover up:

You are also going to need a cute cover up for when your skin really needs a break. Even if you do have sunscreen on it is healthy to get out of the sun once in a while. You can also get tops for swimming that protect you from the sun while you are being active, such as the Laguna and Tropez rashguards - both with a built in UPF 50+. You can check out more rashguards on the site here

5. Hat:

Just like your skin, your head can get burnt too. Protect your head and face by wearing a cap or hat. A cap can go with a cool casual beach look, a brimmed hat can add a boho look, and a bucket hat adds some hip style. Not only do you look cool with fun accessories, but you are protecting your skin.

6. Sunglasses:

Believe it or not your eyes need to be protected from the sun as well. You need sunglasses to prevent UV radiation from causing various eye conditions. Plus they have lots of cute and fun styles, from the retro cat eye look to the boho round sunglasses, you can play with your personal beach style. Quay is a personal favorite sunglass brand right now with a ton of affordable chic sunglasses. 


It is really fun to be active in the summer when you can hit the beach or the pool. You can get a full body workout and show off your new swim gear. I hope some of my tips and experience will help you pack your swim bag - have fun swimming!

Love, Arden

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