One of the best things about summer is backyard BBQs, ice cream trucks, lemonade stands and beach picnics.  Treating yourself to vanilla cones, sugary frozen drinks and sticky popsicles is a summer past time, and you can't just replace tradition - so we've created a list of some favorite summer treats - with a healthy spin that's satisfying and guilt free. 


1. S'MORE: Every summer needs one. This recipe uses almond flour! 
2. KIWI POP: The beloved chocolate dipped soft serve cone has been replaced with this kiwi pop - a tart, healthier alternative. 
3. ICE CREAM: No need to chase the ice cream truck. Made with greek yogurt, this will satisfy your craving.


4. BBQ : Skip the greasy hot dogs for some delicious grilled peppers - stuffed with your choice of filling. 
5. LEMONADE : Sure to quench your thirst, this fresh strawberry lemonade beats out sugary frozen slurpees.
6. SALAD ROLLS: Food trucks on the go are a summer must-do. Look for healthy, quick options like summer salad rolls that are tasty too!

With summer almost gone and your must-do list of activities still growing, add these must eat healthy summer treats on your list. 
What's your favorite summer treat? 

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