Our favorites from April is an ode to foodies, featuring a new food networking and recipe site that will get you hungry.  There's also tutorials for the latest in braided hairdo's, a new workout and major summer wanderlust.  What did you love this past month ?

* TRX Workout - I recently discovered the TRX classes at my Pilates studio and am addicted! The suspension training pictured here is great
for people of all fitness levels.  It utilizes your bodyweight and can be easily modified to personal difficulty level.  It is a great, effective total body
workout and helps build a rock solid core.  It definitely beats cycling or running in my books. You can read more about this here.

* Braided Hair-dos - You've probably seen it everywhere - a hundred different ways to braid your hair.  With summer quickly approaching and humidity making it next to impossible to keep straight hair flat, we're embracing the curls and natural waves, perfectly complimented with a braid.  This site  shows step by step instructions to creating many different braids for different lengths of hair .

* Poached Eggs - I'm a breakfast person and a health junkie (I like to think so anwyays) so in search of new breakfast recipes, I discovered a million ways to poach eggs and I'm in love.  If you've never had poached eggs before, one of these recipes will definitely leave you wanting more. 

* The FEED - which brings me to my next favorite - the Feed Feed - this is a droolworthy food recipe / community site that brings foodies together. Discover a bunch of new recipes,  and a networking 'forum' where you can talk food. There's even a section for Vegan recipes!

* Wanderlust -  I love discovering new places and adding new destinations to my lengthy bucket list...which makes Lonely Planet a bookmarked site on my browser.  I always find myself coming here to read about new places and to simply take in stunning landscapes and ocean shots of the coasts of Europe and more.  Especially with the warmer weather, I'm dreaming of sunny beaches and tropical climates. There's something for family travel and solo adventure tours! Use this site if you're planning your next getaway .   

What was your April favorite?

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