We're back! Our monthly favorites are back with another compilation of our go-to products, topics, activities and more this past month. With February coming to a close, we're super excited to discover more favorites ideal for Spring time weather (yes!) So, let's dive into it.  These are things that we kept coming back to or found ourselves wanting more of this month...

* Reusable Water Bottles : Yep. We've all heard the "7 glasses a day" rule, and we'd all like to believe that we're well hydrated...but if I'm being honest, I rarely meet the daily requirements.  Drinking water is proven to help your brain concentrate better, regulates your body, boosts your immune system and more! Well, with fitness and green becoming a more popular buzzword, we've seen a trend in a growing number of reusable water bottles.  The S'well water bottle brand offers chic looking insulated bottles that keeps your drink cold for 24 hours!  And, they offer a ton of super sweet looking designs.  All the more reason to abandon the plastic water bottles, go green and get hydrated! 

* Raw Chocolate Strawberry Brownies: Completely vegan, gluten-free brownies. That are delicious. Give us any reason to try a new brownie recipe. One of our Limeapple team members is an avid health foodie and recommended this recipe as her favorite this past month. This is a total definite must-try. While you're at it, you have to check out the rest of this raw dessert site! 

* Palm Springs : If you're lucky enough to get away anytime soon, Palm Springs is a must-see.  The drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs is a beautiful must-do.  Any skyline with palm trees will do it for me, but Palm Springs in particular boasts beautiful outdoor areas to hike and explore. It's home to some epic music festivals, architecture, museums and is an all-around oasis for playing outside

* Tasty: If you have facebook, then you've definitely seen Tasty popping up around your feeds. This has been a favorite of ours the past few months.  Short on time and ideas - Tasty is the ultimate foodie favorite, with quick tutorials (under 2 minutes!) on wicked recipes you'll definitely want to try.  AND now there's an app! 

* Barbie's New Body: This is well over due, but still a great step in changing body image perception in society for girls and boys. An iconic toy, that every child has played with, Barbie is now available in a range of different body shapes and sizes to suit a range of body types and better reflect 21st century society.  We're definitely excited about this change and are looking forward to seeing the positive changes that are to come


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