This last month, we were excited to discover some new Spring time favorites.  Now we can abandon hot drinks for cold drinks and crazy straws. It's true, everything is better under the sun - we just loved these the most...

FOOD Project Sunny - We discovered Cortney on Instagram, and instantly fell in love. The perfect curation of food for health junkies everywhere - although, her feed is sure to leave everyone craving more. Her site features full recipes and tons of lifestyle inspiration and wellness tips. A definite must visit! 

* BEAUTY - Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins - the original cure for chapped lips, we were excited to see the new packaging for Vaseline.  In a  classic little tin, it's available in 4 different flavors / scents. It is seriously moisturizing and non greasy - perfect for dry lips. 

* DIY - A Subtle Revelry - with Easter last month, we had fun experimenting with a hundred ways to decorate an egg and personalize bunnies. This blog is a beautiful, whimsy collection of crafts perfect for any age.

* LEARN - Skillshare - don't scroll past this particular favorite! We've been learning new skills, but also discovering new ways to do old skills. You can learn and teach just about anything  - watercolor, photography, cook, diy. The best part is, they're fun, easy tutorials that take the drag out of online classes and you can do them at your own pace.  

And..that's a wrap! Here's to another month of discovery. 

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