I've found that the most amazing people I have met tend to have the lowest self-esteem. I don't know if it is because they expect so much from themsleves that they take everything to heart making them feel incompetent, or if it is brought on by others.  Regardless, I am incredibly lucky to have these people in my life and I wish I could make them realize how great they are.  
This is the same for you. 
You are lovely, amazing individuals and I wish I could rewire your brains to make you see how incredible you all are! Sadly, I cannot do this - as this realization has to come from you and only you.   I can, however, provide you with an outline of a journal that may help you on your path to self love.  I hope you will all come to realize how awesome and loved you are. 

I'm hoping that if you guys attempted to start this journal, it will give you a more positive view and outlook on yourself.  I could go on about how great you are, but the change really needs to come from your own mind.  I hope this journal helps you and I wish you all luck on your journey to self acceptance.



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