We're huge advocates of positive lifestyles and contributing to our community in as many aspects as possible.
With September and back to school activities upon us, we've compiled a list of ways to make your back to school
a bit 'greener'


As a kid, I anticipated back to school shopping much more than school itself.  Stocking up on colored pencils, personalized notebooks and post-its was a rite of its own - I’ve still got hoards of highlighters and unused notebooks stockpiled in our drawers. This is the perfect opportunity to be a little more green by practicing the three little R’s.

  • Take a look in your home for items that are in good shape and can still be used – I’m referring to the hundred pens and pencil crayons at the bottom of your drawers.  Remove any outdated papers in your binders or duotangs and reuse those!
  • Get creative and DIY! Recycle any totes or bags to use in place of a backpack.  You can personalize them too. Use storage containers to organize your lockers or recycle cardboard and paper to create cool supply holders. 
  • If you are purchasing new school supplies – always look for recycled content in papers and plastics.  Look for reusable items like mechanical pencils and pens with refillable ink and led.  Choose greener products like items made with cardboard, or hemp etc;
  • Shopping in bulk will also reduce your cost and you can always split and share with your friends! 

I think every mom can relate to the struggle of packing snacks and lunches that are filling and healthy that your kids will want to eat.  Here are some great ideas:


  • Homemade fruit roll ups - this recipe only requires 2 ingredients ! 
  • Baked chips - Here you can make apple chips, but you can also  try kale, carrots, zucchini – the list is endless.
  • Apple cookies – for a crunchy, sweet + salty snack

Encourage your kids to get moving and to give back to your community after school with green activities like picking up trash in your neighborhood. Getting out of the house and having fun outside is also healthier than being indoors watching television or sitting on the computer and using tons of electricity. 

Gearing up for back to school can be expensive and detrimental to our environment - these are some great ways to reduce the effect on both! What are some ways you reduce, reuse and recycle back to school? 

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