As a messy student, I have come across many issues due to my lack of organization. Since I’ve had about 12 years of schooling I’ve learned some tips and tricks on getting yourself organized and increasing your academic success. 

1. This may be the most simple and most important tip on how to successfully organize yourself, and when I tell you, you may think it’s obvious but many people don’t do this. Make sure your study space is clean. It is proven that a clean space makes for a clean mind, and it will help you concentrate and be a lot more efficient.

2. Having a calendar and schedule saves lives. A little melodramatic, but physically having everything written down helps tremendously. You'll know what assignments you have coming up and you’ll have time to plan them and get them done on time .
☆A tip for studying and organizing is to have folders for each subject at home so you can store them in your house and not carry all of your material around all day. It also helps because you’ll have all your previous work ready for studying☆

3. You can organize your pens and pencils in many ways, but a cute idea is to put them into mason jars on your desk A well organized study space in addition to a cute environment that is aesthetically pleasing also helps you stsay motivated. There are some great organization products on here:


4. Cue cards are amazing because they help you memorize everything you need to know in smaller intervals. You can sort through the things you know and concentrate on what you don’t know. You can get fun ones on a clasp that you can carry around to study when you’re busy. I got these cute cue cards and clips from:

5. Have a notebook for every subject. Trust me, you are going to want to have your notes organized for each subject when test time rolls around. You can buy so many cute notebooks. They show personality and add some fun into your school life. I find these Kate Spade ones really adorable:,default,sc.html

6. You can also put up inspirational posters and decorations to spice up your study area and help keep you motivated when you feel like the work is too much. I found mine in a magazine, but there are many online such as:

Send pictures off your study space and working techniques with us, we would love to see them.

Happy studying!



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