Summer has finally arrived! That means that you and your family are probably getting ready to hit the beach. But before you do, everyone needs a proper swimsuit. Shopping for swimsuits for preteens, especially girls, can be more complicated than it seems. You need to find one that provides enough coverage without compromising style. Don’t worry mom - we’re here to help. We came up with the five most important things to look for when choosing a swimsuit for preteen girls. 

1. Fit

Finding preteen swimsuits in the proper size can be a challenge all on its own. Young girls’ bodies tend to vary greatly and change quickly. That’s why it’s important to find a swimsuit that will stretch and grow, gently fitting those natural curves. Girls don’t want something that hangs off their body when they get into the water. Try to find a swimsuit that’s made with extra stretchy or elastic materials such as nylon or spandex. Plus, finding a flexible swimsuit means that it will last her for several years

2. Function

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that’s made for water sports, you’ll need something sleek and ready for action. Try a one-piece swimsuit or a long-sleeved model that gently hugs the body and stays put when you wear it. Avoid slinky straps and loose fitting designs that might fall off in the water.  Whether it’s the freestyle or the breaststroke, swimsuits for active tweens need to be made with thicker materials that can handle long workouts and lots of different strokes. This holds especially true for avid swimmers who might take lessons or for those who’re anxious to learn some new moves in the pool. You might want to pick up a pair of slim-fitting goggles or a latex swim cap while you’re at it.

3.Sun Protection

Long hours at the beach can be a major problem for your skin. That’s why it’s important to find a swimsuit for your preteen that has a sun protection factor built in.  All of our girls’ swimsuits at Limeapple come with an UPF of 50 or more, warding off 97 percent of the sun’s damaging rays. She’ll be able to play in the sun for hours without getting burned. But don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen on the exposed parts of her body.

4. Coverage

Girls of a certain age still need plenty of coverage when they’re on the beach. There are plenty of swimsuits for tweens that have varying levels of coverage. You can find long-sleeve bathing tops, one pieces and two pieces. Plus, swimsuits with more coverage give her more protection from the sun. Find the suit at just the right length with Limeapple’s huge selection of preteen swimsuits.  Many of our suits always include a removable padding from sizes 8 and up for additional coverage for little girls.  All our suits are also lined in the front for extra comfort.

5. Durability

Finally, a great swimsuit is one that lasts. From one summer vacation to the next, a quality swimsuit should be made with strong fabric that can stand up to the wears and tears of everyday use. Try a swimsuit that’s made with spandex, polyester, or nylon. All of which are made to last in the water and will still feel like new. The swimsuit should also be flexible enough to fit her growing body. You don’t want her to grow out it after a few months. A durable swimsuit will save you lots of money in the years to come.


Happy summer!

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