Here Are the Best Back to School Hairstyles for Fall

Starting a new school year isn't simple. If you're a parent, you know just how much time and money goes into getting your children ready for another school year.

In 2015, it was estimated that $8.8 billion was spent at family clothing stores during the month of August. It's safe to assume that a lot of that money was spent on new clothes for kids.

Back to School Hairstyles

You've spent time shopping the latest looks for your kids, but have you given any thought about what you'll do with their hair? Back to school hairstyles can be just as important as the clothing you buy.

A new hairstyle could be just what your daughter needs to go into the school year with confidence. Sometimes a good hair day can help your daughter tackle the new year.

Ideally, a new hairstyle shouldn't just look good. You should also be able to find something that's easy to maintain. 

Are you ready to learn about some of the cutest back to school styles your daughter could wear on her first day back? If you give the stylist a few of these suggestions, your daughter will be thrilled with what they come up with.

Top Knots

Do you have an active daughter that likes to look polished, but is almost always on the go?

If so, top knots are very stylish right now. Plus, they're one of the back to school hairstyles your daughter can rock throughout the year.

Think of top knots as a more stylish bun. Your daughter can wear all of her hair up or could have a half-up half-down hairstyle.

This hairstyle is a winner because it's so versatile. This is something any kid or parent can pick up and personalize in no time flat. 

Best Back to School Hairstyle

The Undercut

Do you have an alternative daughter that doesn't like to follow popular fashion trends? If your daughter goes to a school with a lax dress code, you may want to consider a half-shaved, undercut look.

When we talk about undercuts, we aren't always talking about a dramatic style. The use of buzz cuts in a few small and discreet places are all you need to pull off this look.

Does your daughter love to wear short hair? Consider a slightly shaved in the back cut for her back to school hair styles.

Has your daughter loved wearing a large side part, but wants to wear something with a little more attitude? Consider doing a small side shave that emphasizes her new look.

Undercut Hairstyles For Tweens


In the past braids seemed to be exclusively worn by small girls, but this hair style has grown up. There are a variety of ways for girls to wear their hair in braids now. If you're looking for simple back to school hairstyle, braids are it.

Give your daughter a beautiful braid crown for their first day back. Consider going beyond the classic french braid and do some fishtails instead! Pair your braids with cute new dresses to give your daughter a unique look.

Tween Braid Hairstyles

What About You?

There are a lot of things your daughter can do for back to school hairstyles, not to mention pairing it with cute colorful Bubble Hoodies!

Limeapple Bubble Hoodies

If you have any suggestions, tell us about it in the comments section! 

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