Simple Tween Makeup Tips You Can Give Your Daughter

"I want to start wearing makeup."

Those are the dreaded words that strike fear into every parent's hearts. 

Your daughter is growing up.

But isn't she still too young for makeup? How do you make sure she is expressing herself without getting carried away?

Here are a few tips to help you introduce appropriate tween makeup to your young daughters.

Teach the Importance of Skincare First

Having clear, healthy skin should be your top goal, and even if she doesn't know it yet, the top goal of your daughter.

Teach her how to wash her face every day before you even get to the makeup part. If she can wash her face responsible without makeup, you can be confident she will wash her makeup off at the end of the day when she starts wearing it.

A good way to help her understand the importance of keeping her face clean is by explaining how caking on layers of makeup can damage her skin. Look at the ingredients in the makeup she is interested in so she knows what she is putting on her face.

When she does start wearing makeup, show her how to take it off correctly so she can keep her skin healthy.

If she complains about taking off her makeup or washing her face every day, she may not be ready for makeup.

Learn Why Your Daughter Wants to Wear Makeup

When your daughter starts expressing an interest in makeup, you should make an effort to understand why they're interested.

Have a conversation with them. Do they want to wear makeup because it's part of back-to-school fashion? Because they are starting to get acne? Because they want to impress a boy?

Understanding why she's interested in makeup will help you find the best way to teach her how to wear it.

Remember to emphasize that makeup doesn't make her beautiful. She should only wear makeup to enhance her natural beauty, not cover it up.

Teach Your Daughter How to Wear Age Appropriate, Tween Makeup

You should be actively involved in your daughter's tween makeup adventure.

If you don't teach her how to wear makeup, she will learn how to put it on from her friends at school, and they probably weren't taught how to wear makeup properly either.

Teaching your daughter how to apply makeup will save her a lot of embarrassment and let her feel confident with how her makeup looks. This will also assure you she is only wearing the makeup you are comfortable with.

You should also take some time to explain age appropriate makeup to your daughter. Young girls should start out with less makeup and dim colors to make a very natural, everyday look.

Even if you think your daughter is still too young to wear most makeup, letting her wear a simple, colorless lip gloss is a good way to start.

If Your Daughter Isn't Interested in Makeup, Don't Force Her to Wear It

Remember, not every girl wants to wear makeup. You should pressure her into wearing makeup just because all the other girls at school are wearing it.

Let her express herself the way she wants to. Besides, she will save a lot of time every morning if she doesn't have to put it on!

If your daughter has started wearing her tween makeup and she wants to complete her new look, check out some of our tween outfits!

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