Easter long weekend is here! The first real step into Spring is flourished with hand painted eggs, chocolate bunnies and sunkissed outings. We're super excited to finally get outdoors and to get artsy with warmer weather motifs. Hello florals and watercolors! Get creative this Easter with some of our favorite DIY ideas.You're never too old, or too young to personalize your own egg or go scrambling for free candy.

1. We love a good chic egg. These marble indigo eggs make the perfect home decor and gets you in the mood. 
2. Okay, bunny lovers this is for you. Super cute mini egg bunny vases! 
3. Cute place setting name tag  idea for Easter dinner or a Spring birthday . 
4. Chocolate covered anything really. These strawberries look just like carrots and make the ideal sweet treat.

5. Always got to sneak in a dessert DIY. These cupcakes are Spring friendly and super sweet. 
6. One of the most gorgeous eggs we've ever seen. These pinata eggs are a creative way to decorate your egg!
7. Speckled drink glasses for your dining table will definitely put you in the spirit. 
8. Wrap it in bunnies. A creative way to wrap any Easter or gift this spring.

9. All things popcorn and mini eggs. Delicious Easter themed popcorn treats are a must try. 
10. And, a favorite for the kids - these bunny shaped chalks willl definitely keep them busy. 

Tag us in your Easter activity! 



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