Here are three of my favorite, creative Christmas crafts for you to try at home:
They are great alternatives for store bought gifts and decorations and are very fast and easy to make. Perfect for adults and children alike to create and they turn out beautifully!


1. DIY Wrapping paper

Personalized wrapping paper is sweet and thoughtful. It shows that you put a little bit more care and thought into your gift than you already did. Gather together your favorite stamps and a large white piece of wrapping paper. Stamp fun patterns all over it, write cute messages on it, color  - anything! You can play around with many different designs and styles depending on what you like best and whom you are giving it to.

2. Window Snowflakes

Take a piece of square white paper and fold it 6 times as shown below. Then cut random patterns into it at the folds. Unfold it and it should create a beautiful snowflake for you to display in your window.

3. Twinkling Lights Jars

These are easily created with only a mason jar and Christmas lights. Put the Christmas lights in the jars against the glass. It should look like you have a bunch of twinkling stars trapped inside a jar. 

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