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Father's Day is just around the corner! Dads are just a little bit tougher than moms - he really doesn't need another tie. 
Here are some ideas for gifts and daddy daughter dates to help make the day memorable for dad. 

This is the perfect time to try something new and adventurous as dads are always up for challenges and fun. We've compiled
some of our favorite daddy daughter date ideas  -

  • Go to a carnival - not many things sound sweeter than enjoying funnel cake and cotton candy with your dad by your side.
    Enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells and let dad win you a stuffed toy! He's also more likely to try the new rides with you

  • Score a hole in one - go to the golf course and let your dad teach you how to golf. He'll love having the opportunity to teach
    you and will be stoked to share this sport with you.  Miniature golf is also a great option . You'll also have tons of time to talk 
    and bond. 
  • Take Dad to a game - treat your dad to one of his favorite sport games. Wear your favorite jerseys, eat popcorn and let him
    yell at the opposing team all in good fun. 
  • Picnic - Perfect for the outdoorsy dad. With summer here, you can pack up your favorite snacks and go on a wilderness hike
    with your dad.  Take in the scenery and the fresh air with him before ending the hike with a picnic full of all his favorite foods.

Surprise your dad with a homemade thoughtful and unique gift this father's day.  Think outside the box! Here are some of our favorite do it yourself ideas. 

  • Personalized tie clip - these are really fun to make and will add a little personality to your dad's business attire. He will love to sport on of these personalized clips. 
    Check out the tutorial here.

Scrabble Picture Frame - Spell out your love for dad with your favorite photo together. This is a fun, quirky touch to a memorable

  • Personalized Sharpie Mugs - put your personal artistic touch on a mug for dad. Everybody loves a good mug, and
    it'll definitely be used for dad's morning coffee or tea. 

    Share with us your recreations of these Father's Day gifts and dates. Happy Father's Day! 

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