A young fashionista’s guide to staying stylish at home

Let’s be honest, all you young fashionistas want to keep up your style game even when you are at home. We know how tough it has been for all of us with the Coronavirus pandemic going around. We’re all keeping strong and staying home as much as we can. We do miss our friends a lot. But we’re going to get through this..together.

Nevertheless, we are turning up online and doing a lot of video calls with our loved ones. We’re taking care of our health and doing some quick exercises. Of course, we’re also taking lots and lots of selfies. And do we not want to look as gorgeous as ever while whatever we’re doing? Oh, yes we do! So, I am going to share 4 of my favourite picks that you can opt for & look super voguish.

1) A Bright Pop Up For Your Video Call

Look like a breath of fresh air by putting on a bright colored top. Pick out your favourite pink top that you are most comfortable because you want to stay extremely snug at home. Team it with a cute pair of shorts that you can also run around your house in. 

Here’s one pick from  Limeapple which you can get delivered to your house in no time and look like the teen diva you already are.

Bruna - Multicolor Bow Tie Top

  Bruna - Multicolor Bow Tie Top

  See on Limeapple


2) A Reinvented Ponytail

The classic ponytail is every girl’s go-to hairstyle. Reinvent it by putting on some colorful hair beads..or add a bow tie. Did someone say hair glitter? You can literally go crazy with this one.


3) A Stylish Workout

All of us want to stay fit and active while we spend all these extra hours at home every day. Add a lot more energy and motivation to your workout sessions by having a couple of cute active wear outfits.



 How cute is this missy in Periwinkle Turquoise Leggings

 See on Limeapple


4) Your own designer tee

It’s a great time for some DIY. Pull out an old tee & paint your fav Disney princess on it. Or create some modern art graffiti kind of a look. Don’t forget to take tonnes of selfies and share them with us.

#StayHome  #StayStylish

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