How To Pick The Right Dress

Every girls loves to wear dresses. It makes her feel special, like a princess, the star of the show. 

Help her feel that way, by purchasing the perfect dress for her... but before you just go and buy a dress, keep these tips in mind. 

1. Find a Color That Works - unfortunately, not everyone looks good in every color. When you purchase a dress make sure you know the color is flattering with your skin color, your hair color, your eyes, etc. Does the color of the dress compliment the color of your eyes? If you have very fair skin, try and avoid light colors as they may make you look washed out. Wearing the right color can make you look and feel 10x different in the dress.

2. What's the focus? - Do you want the focus of the dress to be the beautiful pattern? Do you want the focus to be the beading, the unique design in the back? Whatever you decide, make sure that the dress you picks meets whichever criteria you decided on. If you are looking for loud and proud, go with bright colors, or strong patterns like stripes. If you are looking for more subtle look for solid lighter colors. 

3. What type of fabric are you looking for?  Are you looking for chiffon and flowy? Are you looking for cotton, for mesh, for lace? A mixture of all? Whatever type of fabric you are looking for make sure you are comfortable in it. Owning different dresses with different types of fabric helps bring variety and life to your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to venture! 

4. Length - There are so many different types of lengths that come with a variety of different dresses. Shorter lighter dresses are perfect for the warmer weather, and longer thicker (sweater like dresses) are great for the chilly days! There are maxi dresses that are perfect for every occasion, and majority of the shorter dresses you can pair with leggings or leotards, if you don't want to wear bare legs. However you style it, shop around for the length that you love the most, and then diversify. You don't want to just own all short dresses, or just all long dresses. Again, adding variety can give your wardrobe some extra life and pop! 

5. Accessorize - You don't have to go over the top with fancy shoes every time you wear a dress. A piece of jewelry or a headband can go a long way! Sparkle headbands always work great, and can add that extra bit of flare that you feel your outfit might be missing. Or even a long necklace or a few bracelets. However you choose to accessorize, make sure you know that a little is always "more". Don't over do it. 

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