Limeapple Packs

We are so excited to announce the release of our first even Limeapple Packs! 

For TWO DAYS ONLY: August 15-17th we are offering three different packs! 

1. The Boutique Pack - Perfect if you are looking for all her first day back to school essential items. Comes with some headbands, a bubble hoodie, leggings, and skirt and more! 

2. The Active Pack - This pack is the best choice for your active little girl. Whether she is starting dance, yoga, or just likes to run around, this pack comes with everything that she needs. 1/2 Tops, Tank tops, leggings, shorts and more!

3. The Gym Strip Pack - Make her look and feel stylish during her  gym class at school. The Gym Strip comes with everything your little girl needs to stand out at school. Comes with 1/2 tops, tank tops, headbands, shorts and more!


Whichever pack you prefer to purchase they are all a great deal - maybe you'll even collect them all!

If you are looking for some early Christmas gifts, a birthday gift or a just because gift then this might be the perfect item for you!

All boxes are over 50% off!!! That is a deal that you can not beat.

Limited time only - do not miss out!  

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