Lockdown Party Ideas for Tweens

Blog written by Jennifer Taylor

With the holiday season approaching, it may be harder for tweens (and let’s face it, adults as well) to celebrate with social distancing. This is a given on top of not being able to attend school, see their friends, or participate in recreational activities. It sucks for them - after all, it’s their entire life! These party ideas for tweens will at least help soften the blow if they happen to have their social gatherings cancelled (birthday or holiday parties) thanks to this pandemic.

Holiday Parties

  •         Party in a Box

This idea requires a little creativity. Put together a party box for each “guest.” Each one will include a bunch of fun accessories like party hats, noise makers, accessories, etc.You can also put in party treats such as a cupcake or a traditional goody bag for every guest. 

The next part? Drop the party box off on the friends’ doorsteps. Everyone gets together on a video call (like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime, etc) and celebrates at the same time! The kids can play games, chat and then eat together. It’s like they’re there.

This idea can also be done for seasonal holiday parties with adults, teens, kids, and girls alike!

  •         Go on an Online Tour Together

A lot of places are offering an online tour or even an “in-car” experience this year for the holiday season. If your girls and their friends were planning on attending these events, why not turn it into a lockdown birthday party idea?

All you have to do for most of the online tours is set up screen sharing. Play the exhibit on your end and invite your guests to join. Kids will get to see everything at the same time and be able to interact with each other as well!

  •         Do the Social Distancing Thing

Depending on whether or not it is allowed in your area, it might be nice for the older girls to actually see their friends while maintaining physical distance. Have an outdoor party meet up. Hang out at the end of your driveways or car trunks to chat and celebrate together. Needless to say, you should be cautious with this – but for those girls who are desperately missing their friends, this might be a nice way to celebrate.


Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a huge deal, especially to your girls. Chances are your girl had something special planned for their upcoming birthday. Sleepovers, party at a venue, laser tag, bowling, mini golf or a get-together probably isn’t happening now. To make their day special, here are some ideas:

  •       Netflix Watch Party

Netflix and chill. This is a great substitute if your girls had hoped to do a birthday party at the movies! The best thing is that Netflix has gotten on board and they have a watch party feature that lets everyone watch the same thing at the same time. Include popcorn, drinks, and movie theatre snacks in a party box. The best part of this? No one will get mad when the kids talk during the movie. Just make sure the tweens choose a movie that everyone’s allowed to watch!

  •         At-home Slumber Party

If your girl is determined to have a sleepover birthday party, you can still make some of that happen during the quarantine. Use the party box idea and include some popular sleepover items such as spa accessories (face masks are a great option here) or even girls loungewear (like our famous bubble hoodies or onesies).

Start the party later into the evening and have everyone join in on a video call in their pyjamas. Let the tweens stay up late talking – just like a real sleepover.

  •       Have an In-Game Party

If your girl likes playing games online, this is a fun way to celebrate with their friends. Have everyone get on a call or the in-game voice chat and meet up – in their favourite game. Throw on their favourite comfy girls activewear leggings or loungewear as well and now it’s a party!

 More tips for making a lockdown party unique and special for older tweens:

  • Make it feel like a party. Just because you have an older kid or tween doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate that party feeling. Decorate your home with balloons, streamers, banners, and other party favours to celebrate!
  • Make arrangements with the guests’ parents beforehand. Everybody has their own schedule. Find a time that works for all your girls’ close friends and make arrangements with parents so any technology is in place beforehand.
  • Grab a few extra gifts for your kid. Birthdays aren’t only about the gifts, but not having any to open from your friends is just another reminder of all the bad things that have come with COVID-19 lockdowns. Pick up a few small gifts for your kid to open for a little extra fun. 
  • Do something special. If you can’t do much for your tween on their birthday, at least go out of your way to make the day special at home. Let them choose dinner delivery, make a special birthday breakfast, or have an at-home spa day. Anything out of the ordinary!
  • Take them out. In most places, restrictions are easing enough to allow families to do some activities. Get out of the house with your tween, hit up a drive-through, and go for a walk or drive. You could even drive by their friends’ houses, call from outside, and wave! 

Understand it might be hard for older kids and tweens

Don’t be surprised (or upset) if your tween isn’t too pumped about the whole at-home party thing. All these life changes and restrictions are frustrating for your girls (and adults alike!)

Do your best to make their birthday or holidays special, but also talk to them about their feelings. You can also channel some of that hurt into planning activities and get-togethers post lockdown.

Kids are craving normal and routine. These lockdown party ideas for your tween-aged children might help them feel a bit better, and might even turn a ‘ruined’ party to a happy lockdown memory. 

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