Maddie Ziegler Style: Tips From The "Dance Moms" Star

You may be surprised to learn that retailers are obsessed with tweens and teenagers.

Trendy clothes and high-end makeup are just some of the items that this age group desire.

An icon currently in tween fashion that lots of young girls are starting to copy? Maddie Ziegler, the breakout star from the show Dance Moms.

Are you a mother to a young girl who is looking for some current tips for fashion and beauty? Keep reading below to help your daughter have a Maddie Ziegler style.

Skincare is a Priority

As someone who has danced nearly all her life, Maddie Ziegler knows the importance of skincare.

For performances, she nearly always wears makeup and always ensures she washes her face before bed. Removing makeup before bed prevents your skin from breaking out and keeps it looking fresh.

Maddie also stresses that you should NEVER pick at a pimple, even if one pops up. She and her sister avoid this to prevent further redness and scarring.

In addition to washing her face before bed to remove makeup, she also makes sure to wash her face every morning. This removes any sweat or dirt that may have accumulated while sleeping.

Quality Over Quantity for a Maddie Ziegler Style


If you want to nail Maddie's great makeup looks, you need to focus on quality products. She believes that because you are putting it on your face, makeup should only contain quality ingredients.

Quality ingredients will be less harmful to your face and make you feel even better. If you are just starting out with makeup, consider starting with concealer.

Maddie loves this product because she can cover her dark circles and any blemishes she wants to hide!


As someone who is keen on fashion, Maddie has clear tips on style.

She suggests finding pieces that are comfortable and make you feel good. She likes to wear a lot of simple plain t-shirts that can be layered for different looks.

Having shirts that can work with multiple bottoms will allow you to have many different looks to try out. Denim jackets and cozy joggers are staples in her wardrobe! Striped pieces are also a great way to show off your Maddie Ziegler style.

Are you looking for some quality active wear?

Maybe your daughter takes after Maddie and loves to dance. If so, a great tip is to stock up on dancewear that will last for years to come.

Confidence Speaks

Maddie has explained many times that working with Sia greatly helped her confidence.

Maddie attributes much of her success to this confidence. She advocates for being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself. This is one of the best tips Maddie can offer.

Wrapping It All Up

Now that you have learned some of Maddie Ziegler's top tips and tricks, it's time for you to take this info and find your own style inspired by her.

Check out a great boutique online and start shopping to work on that Maddie Ziegler style!


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