Owning a dog is like living with your best friend. They’re always there to cuddle and play with. They’re furry and adorable little creatures that are always happy to see you and are there when you’re sad. But did you know that they also bring plenty of health and happiness benefits as well? That’s right! In celebration of International Walking the Dog Day, here are some other interesting benefits to having your own furry friend:


1. They reduce stress.
There are many studies that show that owning a dog reduces your stress levels. Some universities also have puppy room facilities to help students relax during times of high pressure.

They also help in hospitals and other clinics to help the patients. The organization “Paws for Help” is one involved in exactly this.

2. Your heart will be healthier.
This may seem crazy, but according to the Center for Disease control, your pet may be the key to keeping your blood pressure low and helping you maintain good health. Studies also show that petting and interacting with a dog lowers your heart rate and that dog owners have better heart health than those that don’t.

3. Gets you fresh air and exercise.
 If your dog needs a walk, you probably do too. Having a dog will encourage you to get outside more often. Taking walks helps you escape your own space and clear your head. Even a short walk can bring you fresh air and increase blood flow to your brain. Have a little adventure and explore your neighborhood with your dog!

4. They help you meet people!
Dogs need to get outside for walks and besides the many benefits of fresh air and walking, they help you meet new people. They’re also great at improving your social skills. You get to talk to many other dog walkers while in the dog parks, which boosts happiness.

We should all take a moment to be thankful for our little puppies.  Beyond enriching our lives by being great companions and friends, they help us emotionally and physically.  Happy International Dog Day!



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