As a fashion brand, keeping up to date on trends is essential, but there is one particular trend Limeapple is not an advocate for:  obesity.

There are countless studies on the incline of weight problems and the urgency of healthy lifestyles, but the fact is that no country in the world with weight problems has yet to reverse this alarming trend.
Some countries like Canada are implementing healthy promotion and living initiatives but the choice to move more and eat better is a lifestyle choice that resides solely in us.  We want to live longer, be happier, feel good and enjoy life.
And we want all these things for our kids

“Every woman should remember that one day her sweet daughter will follow her example instead of her advice.” – David Acosta, CrossFit Mexicali. 

Limeapple was created for this reason – to celebrate life and to encourage a healthier way of living.  Our values and our clothing always exhibit these qualities. In supporting sports and physical activity for young girls, we hope to generate a wave of change.  This is one trend that we will always stand behind.

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