Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is essential to developing kids and girls as they can become lifelong habits

Now is the best time to help your daughters grow into a healthy lifestyle by encouraging good food choices and physical activity.
Read on to learn some interesting facts about your tween's health: 

With over 12.5 million children and teens in the US obese, our food choices play a significant role in our health

Are you reading the nutrition label on your food? We often mistake the serving sizes and wind up eating several times the serving size.  Click here to understand more of what's in your food. This site is also a great resource for special diets and maintaining your health with vegetarians etc; 

Physical activity does not need to be intense to be beneficial! Being active on a regular basis helps kids develop strong bones and muscles, better balance and flexibility, reduce stress and build a  better self esteem. 
You can encourage your kids to be more active by being a better role model. Seeing you be active and enjoying it will motivate them to be participate as well . 

Not only does having a healthier lifestyle reap tons of physical benefits - but mental ones as well. 

Read more on mental health and how to answer different questions about how you're feeling here

Understanding these facts will help us help the kids and girls in our lives lead healthier, positive lifestyles. 
Share a mental, physical or nutritional fact with us ! 


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