Having a Strong Mind and Body

Health and wellness are broad encompassing terms. They include everything from exercising and eating right, to taking the time to learn new things, or spending time with your family and friends. In order to live your best life, there needs to be a balance between all of these factors so you can flourish with a strong mind and strong body!

Without substantial physical health, the risk of developing mental health problems increases. The same is true for the flipside; lower mental health can lead to decreased physical health. However, it can also be difficult to realize when there is a lack of balance between the two so I have come up with a system to keep track of your physical and mental well being. All you need to do is keep a list for a two or three weeks and write down everything you do for the wellness of your mind and body.

At the end of these few weeks (however long you think you need), sort these things into three columns: mind, body, and both. For example, you may have something about eating healthy fruits and vegetables, nuts, or other healthy snacks. While it seems obvious that this could go into the body column, it can actually go into both because healthy eating can help improve brain health. For example, omega-3 fatty acids can help improve memory, learning, and can even fight against mental disorders!

After creating these lists you can see how balanced your mind and body health are. If the columns are extremely lopsided, it is important to ask yourself why and to create an action plan to even the discrepancy out. Be sure to ask yourself what is missing, even if your columns look pretty balanced. Maybe you need to do a bit more physical activity on a daily basis, or maybe you’ve been making unhealthy choices when it comes to food. Whatever it may be, try to slowly incorporate more healthy habits into your routine.

I also suggest keeping track of the unhealthy things you do in a similar way. This will force you to be a lot more conscious of any unhealthy habits you may have. Things that can go into this list include playing excess or mindless video games, drinking lots of soda, or sitting on the couch watching TV all day. While these things are alright in moderation, if you find that you’ve created habits out of them, try making changes slowly. Next time you’re craving a soda, grab yourself a glass of water instead and wait half an hour. If the craving doesn’t go away on its own, try having some fruit to get some natural sugars into your system.

By making slow lifestyle changes, your body and mind will thank you. You’ll feel more energized, happier, and better all around!

I have attached an example for what your list could look like below. Feel free to print it or create your own!

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