Why Swimming is a great sport for your children

Before you decide to book a swimming lesson for your kids, you might be asking yourself: is it the right sport for them, and why?

Here is a list of reasons why swimming is an amazing choice as a sport for your growing child:


  1. Swimming teaches discipline ā€“ It is never too early to teach children about how to be disciplined. This is a trait that they will carry deep into their future lives. Learning the rules about swimming alone will teach them how to listen and execute directions well, which can help them tremendously as they become adults.
  2. Swimming builds endurance ā€“ The building blocks of a healthy adult has much to do with the exposure they have to movement as children. Swimming builds your childrenā€™s muscles and lung capacity and builds up their cardiac health, which will strengthen their metabolisms in their later years.
  3. Swimming builds intelligence ā€“ Studies have shown that children who learn how to hold their breath and exercise breath work not only have a longer attention span, but also listen better as they are less distracted by everything else around them and have a stronger sense of awareness.
  4. Swimming pushes them to be more outdoorsy ā€“ Instead of handing your child an iPad and hoping they are entertained enough throughout their summer vacations, motivating them to go for a swim instead is much better for their mental and emotional health.
  5. Swimming can help them make friends ā€“ Introverted children are bound to have a harder time making friends, but an activity such as swimming can change that. It will allow them to feel included in groups, encourage them to participate in school activities and generally help build their self confidence around others.Ā 

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