The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Tween Girls

 Blog written by Jennifer Taylor

Shopping for tween girls can be hard, especially when they are entering their 'pre-teen' years. They are in the middle of finding themselves, their style, and their likes and dislikes as a young adult. As a result, shopping for them can be difficult to say the least. Everything you buy has to reflect their personality and ever-changing style. While there are so many items that would make perfect holiday gifts, here are the featured 5 from Limeapple: 

  1.       Sweaters and Hoodies

The weather in Alberta – Canada in general – is quite unpredictable. The saying goes “If you don’t like the weather in Alberta, just wait five minutes.” If that's taught us anything, it is to always be prepared and invest in cozy and comfy for your tween girls.  Cozy sweaters are essential for this cold weather. We love the Limeapple minky bubble hoodie that comes in a range beautiful and fun colours. These hoodies are perfect for the tween girl as they’re soft and stylish and made  for layering. For a casual look, you can pair this with our bubble joggers or jeans that are perfect for playing outdoors. Clothing that pulls off double duty – bonus!


  1.       Onesies 

New in! Onesies are trending right now for the tween population. So plush and cozy, this minky dot bubble onesie is just what you need to stay warm and comfortable all day long! They’re warm, but not heavy or bulky and they’re made of a lightweight minky that is so soft, you’ll have to feel it to believe it. Onesies make it easy for your tween girls to love the skin they’re in. Available in several colours, a staple for any girl, matched perfectly with any style. 

  1.        Mermaid Tail Sleeping Bag 

WHEN LIFE GETS TOUGH, BE A MERMAID! Allow the tween girl in your life to escape from their day and relax in this gorgeous mermaid tail. Vibrant colours and luxurious faux fur sets this mermaid blanket apart from the rest. This minky mermaid tail sleeping bag is every tween girl's must-have. They will become a mermaid the instant they slip into this plush, soft sleep sack. The beautiful thing about this version is that the tail part fits your feet comfortably. Your tween girl will stay warm and cozy at sleepovers, camp outs, movie nights or just lounging around at home.


  1.   Minky Dot or Faux Fur Backpack 

Our super soft minky bubbles now in a stylish accessory. Who wouldn’t want to carry this trendy backpack around? The navy bubble back pack is super plush and stylish with adjustable black leather straps. Also comes with a zipper compartment for little essentials. Very versatile for your tween girl!


  1.       LBD – Little (Lace) Black Dress 

Who cares if we have nowhere to go? Get dolled up anyways! Every tween girl needs a little black dress. Why not a lace one? A long sleeve black lace dress, the Janise, is the perfect stylish number for a birthday party or formal affair.  The light blue contrast lining gives a pop of color for a fun update to a chic dress for girls.  Features a three quarter flare bell sleeve that is casual and elegant. Paired perfect with stockings or tights for cooler weather.


Overall, this has been a tough year.
Let your tween girls be comfy, cozy and and love the skin they’re in.  As your tweens get older, they will prefer cozy fashionable clothes to toys. This gift guide is an easy way to finish a bunch of your holiday shopping while supporting a good cause – how so?

For every Limeapple garment you buy, we give 5 meals to children in need in partnership with Breakfast of Canada and the Hunger Fund. This is a win/win. Lastly, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

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