With beautiful warm beaches and weather that almost permanently resides at 20 desgrees Celsius, Hawaii is the perfect place for relaxation.
But if you have a hunger for adventure and are looking for some fun (besides laying on the beach, because let's face it - that's strangely fun), there are plenty of opportunities like the many paths and hikes on the road to Hana or even the road to Hana itself. 

Side note: If you don't live in America, you get to taste some of the exciting American foods and drinks you can't easily get anywhere else, like Vanilla Coke.

*A few beach essentials

* How to get beach hair: When hair is wet tie in tight bun or braids and let dry. It helps if it is with salt water from the ocean, but this works for me too.

A collection of missing sunglasses found on the beach

It was a really amazing and relaxing trip, but the best part was having my family around.
After all, "It's not about where you are - it's about who you're with".


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