April is over and we’re stoked for the month of May.  We discovered and revisited some old favorites last month that we’re excited to share, so let’s get right into it…

  • DIY Popsicles – The ultimate favorite! With the hot weather approaching, this is the sweetest way to satisfy your cravings.  We love some of these as a healthy alternative to ice creams, and the fact that you can customize and put together just about anything! A lot of music festivals and picnics just wouldn't be complete without a popsicle in hand. 
    Some popular recipes here: Oreo Pudding, Fruit Bomb, and Raspberry Creamsicle 

  • Social Media Conversation - Everyone does it. Most of our face to face conversations are replaced with text messages, facebook feeds, and tweets. We learn about our friends through our phones and computer screens.  The importance and influence of social media in our lives is stronger than ever. This post talks about how we can choose to let it be a positive influence.  A great must read for moms and teens.   
  • Polaroid Coasters - Polaroids and instant cameras are coming back in a huge way! We were looking for ways to capture some favorite moments and found this tutorial. Such a great, cute way to personalize gifts and share memories.  You can also print out some of your favorite instagram pictures and keep them this way as well.  Sip an ice cold drink with photos of your summer vacation! 

Lulahoney – this BC, Canadian blog is definitely an old favorite.  I first came across this blog a while back and instantly fell in love with the visuals. An ex fashion stylist, Angela shares beautiful inspirational photos, as well as profiling her young athlete daughters.  It’s a beautiful compilation of favorites and girl power with a strong passion for fitness and health. 
Here's a beautiful picture from Kate Parker photography that Angela shares in one of her previous posts .


Made some of your own Polaroid coasters or popsicles? Share them with us! Here's to a great May! 

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