Exercise is an important part of having a healthy, happy life.
It can lift your mood, relieve stress and overall just make you feel better…but when winter starts to roll around, we start to concentrate less on exercise. The gloomy weather and the cold makes us not want to move our bodies –  but this is the best time to keep going! Here are some great activewear basics to help motivate you and make exercising more fun during the chilly season

Winter is dreary, but it doesn’t mean your clothes have to be! Spice up your activewear with a pop of color. Bright colors like pinks, greens, and yellows are fun and vibrant during the cold season. Here are some of my essentials…

My hair tends to be a lot more dry and frizzy in the winter and it gets annoying when I’m active and moving. Slicking back your hair into a ponytail and headband to tame those fly-aways is the perfect solution. Your hair stays out of the way, and out of your face. It is also the perfect accessory to complete or brighten up an outfit.

Staying warm is key, but once you start working out, you’re going to want to shed some layers. This is where nice jackets and hoodies come in handy. You can throw them on top of a tank or a tee. It looks cute and works with your routine. And, no workout outfit is complete without a pair of leggings.  Leggings are essentials for activewear and help keep your legs warm, while still being breathable and gives you full range of movement.

And last, but not least…the best thing to have in dry season while exercising is water. Be sure to hydrate when being active!

You’re going to be a lot more motivated to work out in great gear that makes you feel good and perform better!

Have fun being active!



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