Best Gifts for Tween Girls

It’s that time of year again! Festive lights cover neighborhoods and the air starts to feel a little bit cooler, which means it's time to start your holiday shopping! But it can be hard figuring out exactly what you should get for everyone on your list - whether you’re shopping for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend, or sister, here are some of the best gifts this holiday season.


MUSIC FIEND: If you’re shopping for someone who always seems to be listening to music, these tangle free headphones are perfect for them! With these, the cord doesn’t get tangled around itself, giving them a stress free listening experience. Record players have also been coming back in style, but can get pricey. Check out this one, it's affordable and has built in speakers so you don’t need to buy any! This record player and an assortment of their favorite albums would make the ultimate gift.



This avocado tree starter kit and this mason jar flower garden are the perfect companions for any flower girl. They're simple, have instructions for growing the plants and are super fun. Another option for plant or nature enthusiasts, are these unique air plant holders. They're designed to hold air plants which are difficult to kill and can be purchased in many local plant stores or online here


RELAXATION: Everyone loves to spend some time relaxing, especially over the holidays! Since warm baths are a luxury this time of year, bath bombs make the perfect gift! For ultimate relaxation, try this fox sleeping mask, these slippers, and our mermaid sleeping bag; they're perfect for unwinding after a long day. The sleeping bag is the perfect essential for sleepovers or to cozy up with a book in.


COZY UP: It's super comforting to wrap up in a blanket and sit by a fire during the holiday season. So why not capture that feeling with a warm and cozy gift? Blanket scarves are an amazing way to keep warm because they double as a scarf and can be worn as a blanket! Try this one for the perfect addition to your gift! This Buddha Bowl is perfect for holding tea or soup because it's so big and even has a hole for your thumb. To utilize the Buddha Bowl in this gift, a set of tea would be the perfect final touch. David's Tea has numerous holiday sets that are sure to warm anyone up this holiday season! 

Finally, if you're not a fan of traditional wrapping, try placing your gift in a decorative storage box with some tissue paper to cover the contents. This way, there is less wrapping waste and the box can double as storage for the recipient after the holidays!

Tote bags can also be an excellent way to wrap your gift or can act as a stocking. They're practical, don't create waste, and can be used after the holidays as a gym or book bag. Whether the girl you are shopping for is a plant lover, can’t stop watching the new Gilmore Girls season, lives by the words Hakuna Matata, or enjoys city life, there is a tote for everyone!

I hope these gift ideas gave you a bit of inspiration. Let us know how your holiday shopping is going in the comments!

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