How To Get The Most From Your Dance Class

Dance class...what you look forward to each week, sometimes a couple times a week, or even sometimes almost everyday! We know that dance can be very expensive. Between the shoes, the costumes, the private lessons, the group lessons, the travelling, and so on and so forth. 

To make sure that you get the most out of your dance class, try and keep these tips in mind! 


1. Arrive early - no one likes running into class late, or having the stressful feeling of being late. Arriving 10-15 minutes early gives you time to change, put your shoes on, chat with your teammates, maybe even get some extra instruction from your dance teacher, and get in the mode to enjoy the class you are about to take.

2. Save large meals for after dance - dancing on a full stomach is never a nice feeling. Try and eat a light snack before your dance class, if you have more than one dance class in one night, bring another light snack that you can eat during your break. Good pre and mid snacks are nuts, fruit, granola bars, or yogurt. They will help keep your energy up without filling you up too much. 

3. Wear the right clothes - this is imperative! No one wants to be trying to dance and learn new moves in items that are stuffy, too tight, uncomfortable, or itchy! Make sure you get clothes that are perfect for all of your movements that are required for Dance class. Make sure they bend and stretch, and fit comfortably. 

We have some wonderful Dancewear that we would recommend for any dancer.

A. Our En Pointe Dancewear Ruffle Mini Shorts - these shorts have the beautiful light pink color in them, that she is sure to love, and they are extremely comfortable! They bend, stretch, and fit perfectly whether she is at jazz or ballet! 

B. Our, So You Think You Can Dance Gym Short Suit. This one peiece item is perfect for any type of dance! With moisture resistant, and pilling resistant material, this one-piece will look new year after year. Not only will it always look new, but it has 4 way stretch, and is extremely comfortable. 

C. Our So You Think You Can Dance Hoodie - This hoodie is perfect for keeping your beautiful dancer look when you go to an from the studio. If it's a chilly fall day, or raining, or even winter wear this hoodie over your dance attire to keep you warm and looking stylish at the same time! This hoodie is a limited edition, and is even on sale for just $25. 

D. Our En Pointe Leotard - This one piece item features 4 way stretch for maximum comfort and movement, as well as moisture resistant fabric that keeps you cool and try, and with the pilling resistance in the material this will look new year after year. This leotard can be work with black mini shorts over it,if you wish,or even worn with tights. However she styles it, she is sure to love it, and how beautiful she looks in the studio.

4. Do your hair - there is nothing worse than having your hair in your face when you are trying to dance. Whether you are practicing jumps, twirls, or bar work, if you're hair is in your face it is all you are going to be thinking about. Make sure before dance class you put your hair in a tight bun that you know won't come out as you move around, or if you don't want a bun because you're hair is too short, try putting in a tight pony tail.

5.  Be mindful of injuries or sore muscles - if you know that you have a sore leg, or ankle, or feet, be mindful of that. Your body is telling you something for a reason. If you need to sit out one dance class to ensure that you can participate in the next 10 (instead of making the injury worse) then do that. You can still attend, and watch, and be a team player, but don't push yourself to the point where you might be out for the season. 

6. Everyone learns at their own pace - don't worry about the other kids in the class. Just love how you learn, and love what you do. Everyone is going to learn differently and pick things up at different times. Be proud of what you are accomplishing, and continue to strive to move forward. The best student is the one that listens and never gives up - even if it takes you a little longer to master a technique, the end result is you mastered it, and that is what matters. 

7. Claim your space - when you enter the dance class make sure you leave enough space to move around, and most of all make sure wherever you stand you can see and hear your instructor. 

8. Look and be excited - You love to dance, so show it! 

9. - Enjoy every moment & most of all have fun! 

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