The ongoing debate about today will always be just that – ongoing – but let’s take advantage of the day and explore the ways we can make it a little sweeter.  With the chaos of our schedules, it's nice to set aside some time beyond carpool conversations and dinner small talk to spend some quality bonding time with your daughter.  Here are some mother-daughter-date ideas for Valentine’s Day or any other day:

Get Pampered
The obvious – girls of all ages love being pampered. Hit up your favorite nail salon or spa for a day of relaxing and girl talk. You can also make it a stay at home spa night too. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge and release both of your stress from work or school.   

Movie Night
For a free, easy date night, put on your favorite pajamas, heat up some popcorn or any other favorite snacks and watch your favorite chick flicks, comedies or action thrillers together.  You can bond in the comfort of your own home.

Outside the Box
Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn or try? Take your daughter with you to a class for sewing, baking, pottery, photography or floral design. You can encourage your daughter to learn new things and to get involved in recreational activities. This is the perfect opportunity to explore something new!

Bake Shop
Spending time together baking is an easy way to bond and teach her the basics around the kitchen. You can stick to simple recipes or more intricate ones with flourishes and decorations.  Customize and play with recipes, or bake yummy gifts for your family or friends and gift them together.   

DIY Time

Hit up the dollar store or craft store and get artistic together. Explore your creative side with crafts and art projects for your home and her bedroom. Being expressive together can be fun. You can find tons of DIY projects online – for younger ones, this blog has some adorable decorative ideas, or check out some of our favorite crafts on our Pinterest

Get Active
Model a healthy lifestyle for your daughter and take her outdoors. Depending on where you live and the weather, you can take her for a hike, coast downhill together on your bikes, take a yoga class, or try something different like boxing. Go on a scenic run and be open for adventure!

Town Tourist
Living by the Rockies here in Canada, we sometimes take advantage of the beautiful wildlife and mountains in our skyline.  Wander without a destination in mind and spend the day exploring with your daughter and see the amazing sites that your city has to offer. Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite or come across an old one. 

Do something good with your daughter while having fun together. This is a great opportunity to learn what speaks to your daughter, and to show her the importance of contributing to the community.  Let her pick her favorite cause and share some quality time together. 

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