I am a mom of two girls, and there is nothing more I love than being a mother. I have always thought that nurturing my
two girls is the most important job in the world.

My mother once told me the greatest thing I could do with my life was to use my skills to improve the lives of others
who may need a little help.  I carry those words with me everyday. Being a parent, I recognize the crucial role nutrition plays in a child’s development and it has inspired me to create a sustainable stream
of giving that will help others without relying on donations.

I realized we can make a lasting impact by helping food insecure kids with starting the Giving Back program
with our lifestyle clothing brand and to give 5 meals to children in need for every garment we sell.

Our goal is to provide 1 million meals to kids in need every year.

At limeapple we are proud of the ethically produced, high-quality garments we create.  Our products are thoughtfully designed in Calgary, Canada . Every piece in our collection
is a celebration of the inherent kindness that we believe is in every girl. We design our clothes to be kind to the wearer
and the environment. This starts with reducing clothing waste by building exceptional products that can be handed down
from one child to the next. Every piece is thoughtfully designed, made to last and to be re-worn again and again. 

We are passionate about what we are doing and love every garment we make. We sincerely hope you will too!

Debbie Naren


We believe that all kids should have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive.  And we believe that together, we can make a difference, which is why for every limeapple garment you purchase, we give 5 meals to children in need.

Our ultimate goal is not only to provide meals, but to empower our future generation of girls to believe that they have the ability to create change in their own communities.  Girls are the future and we're working towards empowering them with a healthy balance between style and self-esteem, individual expression and community involvement. 

A brand with heart

Limeapple is an award-winning active lifestyle clothing brand for girls age 4-16 offering an assortment of high quality
fun girls' clothes that are colorful, vibrant and stylish with hand selected fabrics and design details that fit, flatter, move and breathe.
Born in 2002, Limeapple is a long time favorite among girls — and their moms — because our designs are fun and feature iconic prints
and brilliant colors that are comfortable, feminine and age-appropriate.

From our collection of printed, performance activewear leggings to our colorful swimsuits, we’ve designed each piece for girls on the go.
Our girls' activewear includes everything from sports bras and printed leggings, to lightweight tops and mini shorts for little dancers and yogis.
Limeapple is also the first pick for girls' swimwear with our renowned colorful and vibrant printed bikinis, our classic one pieces and sporty
rash guard sets. Our cozy shop is also home to our all time favorite - the minky dot bubbles and our best-selling hoodies that are available
in a rainbow of colors.

Every garment is ethically produced in small batches and made with slow fashion standards that are a little kinder on the earth.



* We believe that every child should have enough to eat and an opportunity to thrive, and that good nutrition and education
are key to breaking the cycle of poverty - which is why for every item purchased, we donate 5 meals to children in need.
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Each garment that we design is a reflection of our mission to end child hunger and guarantees that your girl can feel good about her purchase.

Every garment will include a Certificate of Kindness as a reminder that you've helped a child in need with your purchase.


"If you can't feed a hundred people, feed just one."