About Us

this is our story. this is our why

We're a company on a mission to help feed children in need.

After watching a documentary on the devastating impact of childhood hunger on millions of kids around the world, we realized that we needed to make a change.

We needed to do something.

So our mission was born.

We believe that all kids should have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive.
For every Limeapple garment purchased, we will give 5 meals to children in need.   We believe that together, we can make a difference.

little steps, big changes

Each garment that we offer is a reflection of our unwavering support for our cause and guarantees that our customer can feel good about their purchase.

Every garment will include a certificate saying, "Little Steps, Big Change." as a reminder that you have helped a child in need with your purchase.

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The meals we provide have a tremendous impact, giving children in need the nourishment to thrive and grow.  Our ultimate goal is not only to provide meals, but to inspire our future generations to believe that they can do the same.

We all have the power to create change with our actions.

created for girls, not for profits.

Our Process

Limeapple's design mission is to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate girls and encourage them to be active and to have fun. The process starts with us thinking about what a unique and active girl, would want and feel comfortable wearing. We then source beautiful and sustainable fabrics to bring those designs to life.

We also understand fit is essential to being both active and comfortable, so we spend hours fitting on different bodies and have a meticulous approach to our fits.


Clothing production impacts the world's human and natural resources. So, how a clothing manufacturer chooses to produce its clothing decides if this impact will be positive or negative.

From Day 1, Limeapple has chosen to make the most positive impact possible by making clothes that are ethically sourced and sustainable. We only work with manufacturers that treat workers well and have a smaller environmental impact.

We achieve this by looking at a number of different factors:  production quality, the facility's working conditions, reduced environmental impact and price. Our partners share a common vision of accountability, transparency and sustainability.

Here's where our garments were made in 2018.

China - 59%

Sri Lanka - 35%

India - 6%

As a global company, we understand and respect the worldwide impact our clothing production has on human and natural resources.

As such, we currently require all our direct cut, sew and finish manufacturing partners to participate in independent, third-party social assessments to ensure fair, safe and healthy working conditions and living wages throughout our supply chain.

Our children are an investment in the future of, not only humanity, but the entire planet. Empowering them with a healthy balance between style and self-esteem, individual expression and community involvement and simply celebrating a positive and active lifestyle.

Here's why our prices are where they are:

To be true to our values, we do not "cut corners" at any stage of design and production; we know that our customers and the Earth are worth it!

When you buy Limeapple clothing, you can buy with confidence in the quality  of clothing and the entire supply chain that brought it to you.

Designed in Canada each garment is carefully crafted and run past our most valuable critics, our trusted  team of Limeapple girls.  Once we have refined and finalized the designs, we produce only small lots of these exclusive designs to ensure that we are able to adapt and accommodate to our dynamic audience, while ensuring we are creating quality, ethically sourced and sustainable clothing.

If you can't feed hundred people, feed just one.

mother theresa

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