5 Reasons to put your kids in swim class

Regardless of whether you live close to the beach or a lake, swimming lessons are something that can help them grow in many ways. Safety is an obvious reason, but not the only one – it also provides them the opportunity to gain confidence, and open doors for future life-building activities.


Here are the 5 reasons why we think swim class is important for your child:


  1. It builds self-confidence. – Of course - who would want their child to be the only one in school who is uncomfortable during a field trip to a lake? Swim class can help your children socialize better by giving them the confidence to go out there and experience new things. They will be able to participate in outdoor summer activities without feeling unsure and insecure near water.
  2. They will be safer. – Instead of feeling scared that children might get themselves into a dangerous situation when playing on the beach, you will give them and yourself the assurance that they can handle it. It is impossible to keep and eye on the 100%, but putting them in a class to master their swimming skills will make both child and parents feel much more relaxed about the upcoming summer holidays.
  3. It can open doors for them. – Unless your child takes swimming lessons, you wont be able to know whether they might have a real knack for it. Swimming lessons may reveal that they have a talent for competitive swimming, or would like to try scuba diving. Swim lessons can help uncover these hidden talents that could create more opportunities for your child in the future, and who would want to miss out on that?
  4. It will teach them how to be social. – Children thrive in community driven activities, as it helps them grow and build their social skills. Enrolling them in swim class not only allows them to socialize within their class, but also will give them confidence to make friends with other children while on summer vacation, for example.
  5. It’s a healthy and fun workout. – Statistically, it has been proven that children, who do sports from an early age, will continue on with it in their adult years. Teaching a child how to swim will ensure that they will always stay active and therefore make healthier lifestyle decisions in the future.


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