8 Steps To Help Your Tween Girl Get Active

By Ajay Singh 


These days, tweens only love to exercise their fingers, whether they are texting with friends or playing video games. Regular exercise is great at any age, and if you teach your pre-teen girl to be active now, it will reap the benefits later and can lead to a lifetime of good health. All she needs is the right incentive.

Step 1:

Some girls may find working out in the gym or sports boring. While she should be encouraged to take interest in sports, you shouldn’t push her too much. Instead, find some other fun activities that she enjoys, such as yoga, a dance exercise or even riding a bike.

Step 2:

Sometimes, tween girls aren’t too keen on exercising because they are uncomfortable with their body or how their peers will perceive them. If that’s the case, you could suggest a group workout routine. When she sees people around her working out, she won’t feel so uneasy. Also, having the right activewear will help her feel more comfortable and confident with her body.

Step 3:

If it proves rather difficult to make her take up a workout routine, offer to join her. Girls consider their moms a role model, and are more likely to enjoy a workout if they have a workout buddy. Taking jogs or walks, joining a Zumba class or playing tennis together will keep her motivated and help keep you both fit and healthy.

Step 4:

It’s a good idea to have some active family outings. Taking treks together, ice skating, rock climbing, bowling or even a game of soccer or basketball in the backyard will help keep her motivated.



Step 5:

Make the screen time count. All the time your tween stays perched in front of the Television or computer is all the time she isn’t being active. Set house rules for screen time, phone time and outdoor activity.

Step 6:

Give her regular, positive feedback about her workout routine. Don’t focus on her appearance; instead, compliment on her skills, accomplishments and efforts. This will encourage her to be better at the sport or exercise routine that she is following, and keep her motivated.

Step 7:

Build slowly. If it’s difficult to commit her to exercising, start with small steps. Push-ups or crunches during commercial breaks, a brief walk every day, or even skipping for awhile in the evening – enough to break a sweat. Add a minute or so every couple of days and have her track her progress. This will help build her self-confidence and encourage her to make daily exercise part of her lifestyle.

Step 8:

When your tween is working out, it’s important for her to feel and look good while doing so. Tweens are extremely conscious about their looks, even while being active. Getting her a couple of stylish yet comfortable girl’s athletic wear can sometimes be just the motivation that she needs.




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