Living an active lifestyle means you’re probably a girl on the go! Going to the gym isn’t always as easy as showing up and exercising. There are a lot of behind the scene efforts that take place, like eating healthy and equipping yourself with the right tools. Sometimes it feels like packing your entire life into your gym bag! To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of our must-haves to make the most of every workout – to and from the gym!

Read on, and be sure to stock your bag with these five essentials:


1.    Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a must when living an active lifestyle, which is why a water bottle is at the top of the list. You lose a lot of water while exercising, so hydrating before, during, and after your workout is critical. There are a bunch of fun options to choose from when picking the perfect water bottle - not only do they look cute, they’re also great for the environment! Carrying a reusable water bottle means less plastic bottles in consumption and who doesn’t love that?

2.    Gym Shoes

Sneakers are the new essentials – in and out of the gym.  Having proper gym shoes are particularly important because they can make a difference between an action packed workout or injuring yourself. Choosing the right athletic shoes should go beyond the way they look; there are a number of factors that you should be looking for to support your athletic preferences, whether it be walking, running, or weight training.

3.    Music Must-Haves

Workouts are so much more fun when you have your favorite music blasting in the background! Nothing beats exercising to your favorite playlist. So grab your iPod, download your favorite tunes and hit the gym harder than ever before! Not only is music one of the best motivators during a workout, it makes as a good distraction, making you less aware of your exertion. A good beat can help you keep track of your pace and will lighten your mood, helping you to power through your workout.

4.    Hygiene Products

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or not, we all know that exercising can leave us feeling a little unsanitary. Good gym hygiene can also help us stay healthy and limit our exposure to the germs found in most gym settings. Make sure your gym bag is filled with all of the essentials to help keep you clean and refreshed. Pack your favorite deodorant, perfume, shampoo, conditioner and body wash if you plan on showering afterwards and look fresh even after the hardest of workouts!

5.    Spare Clothes

If you have plans after your time in the gym, then packing a spare outfit is something we highly recommend. If you like to go to the gym before school or find yourself going after and then hanging out with friends, getting out of those sweaty clothes beforehand would probably be the best bet. You don’t have to be fancy, throw a spare t-shirt and your comfiest Limeapple active bottoms into your bag, we can promise that you won’t regret it.

Remember that your gym bag also needs a little love every now and then. Dirty, dark gym bags are the perfect home for fungi to grow, and who wants that to happen? Make sure to disinfect your gym bag regularly and keep these five essentials stocked to have the best workout! 

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