5 Best Back to School Shopping Tips for Mothers of Tweens

Back-to-school shopping time is here! 

Before you know it, you'll be packing lunches and waving goodbye as the bus pulls away each morning. However, there's one more important summer milestone to go. You need to go shopping with your tween.

Now that your daughter is starting to develop her own sense of fashion, one that's increasingly influenced by friends, fashion blogs, and her favorite YouTubers, this task may seem daunting.

However, our list of shopping tips for tweens can make back to school shopping a fun experience for both of you.

  1. Clean Out the Closet and Make a List

First, you'll need take inventory and figure out what your tween will need. It's likely that most of her clothes from last school year will no longer fit. 

Enlist her help to do a thorough cleanout of her closet and dresser drawers. Put aside anything that is too small, so you can donate it (or hand it down to a little sister or cousin). 

Anything that still fits can be saved for play clothes or weekend wear.

  1. Discuss Her Desires, and the Rules

If your tween's school has a dress code, back to school shopping will be somewhat easier. In some cases, it's a matter of finding skirts, slacks, and tops in neutral colors. 

Depending on the dress code, you may be able to go a little crazy with tights, socks, and hair accessories.

No dress code?

Talk with your daughter about what type of clothes she'd like to have. Be honest if you think her choices aren't age-appropriate. It may help to look at magazines together. You can also check out shopping websites that feature clothing for girls her age. 

If your tween is on the younger side, she may need reminding that certain styles of clothing simply aren't practical for school. Still, try to compromise on a few weekend or special occasion pieces.

  1. Talk About the Budget

Has your daughter earned some money over the summer, through a babysitting or dog-walking gig? In that case, encourage her to spend her own money on those special items that she just has to have. 

Mom and Dad footing the bill? Make it clear to her how much you have to spend. That way, she can help add up the clothing costs as you shop. This will teach her to choose items more carefully -- a valuable lesson in budgeting.

  1. You Don't Have To Do It All At Once

Remember that you don't have to purchase an entire school wardrobe in whirlwind one back to school shopping expedition. Set aside some time and money to hit the stores again, a few weeks after classes have started. 

That way, she'll be able to get the lay of the fashion land at her school. Plus, she can choose additional items that will be as stylish as they are practical.

  1. Have Fun With Back To School Shopping

Once you have some ground rules in place, your back to school shopping -- whether online or at the mall -- can be a fun mother-daughter bonding experience.

To make it extra-fun, go out for milkshakes afterwards. Be sure to request a fashion show of all her new clothes once you get home.

If you want your girl feeling good about her wardrobe, fill it with new trendy styles and items you know others won't have. Limeapple has new unique fall styles bound to please her taste for fashion! Check out Limeapple  

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