Finding the perfect swimsuit is difficult – and when you do, you want it to last as long as possible. Practicing proper swimsuit care will dramatically increase the life of your new bathing suit. Small tricks like avoiding certain chemicals and washing your swimsuit thoroughly will go a long way. Follow our swimwear care tips to get the most out of your new suit.

1.Prepare Your Swimsuit

Most swimsuit manufacturers agree that soaking your swimsuit in a mixture of vinegar and water will help maintain those bright colors and prevent bleeding. Let it soak for about 30 minutes using 1 tablespoon of white vinegar for every one quart of water.

2. Wash It Off Before You Get In the Pool

If you’re about to take a dip in the pool, rinse your suit off in the shower first. Getting your swimsuit wet beforehand means that it will absorb less chlorine in the pool. Chlorine can cause your swimsuit’s fabric to fade and turn yellow. It also wears away at your suit’s elasticity.

3.Hand Wash Only

Machine-washing your swimsuit can damage the different parts, stretching out the cups and changing the way it fits. Hand washing will be much more gentle on your suit. Soak it in water and use a touch of liquid detergent, or if you’re really concerned, use a swimsuit cleaner. Turn your suit inside out and swish it together for several minutes. This gets rid of the salt and any other chemicals.

4.Dry It Out

Don’t let your swimsuit stay wet after you wash it or after a swim. Instead of wringing out every last drop, roll your suit up in a lint-free, fade-resistant towel and press down gently. After you’re done, lay it out to dry. Hanging your swimsuit out to dry can cause it to stretch out. Letting it dry in sunlight can cause colors to fade out. You’re better off with a cool, dry place in the shade or in your home.

5.Keep It Cool

Swimsuits hate hot water. It causes colors to fade and stretches out the fabric. Always use cold water when you wash it and try to avoid soaking for long periods in hot tubs and Jacuzzis. When in doubt, you can always bring an older suit to wear in the hot tub.

6.Avoid Oil-Based Suntan Lotions

Oily sunblock and lotions can damage the elasticity, fade the colors on your suit and even stain the fabric. Instead opt for less harmful options such as oil-free sunscreen or mineral-based sunblock. If you do use the oily variety, wash your suit off quickly after you wear it. 

7.Stay Off Harsh Surfaces

Sitting on cement, a wooden bench, or rubbing against the inner sides of the pool will irritate your swimsuit, causing snags and tears over time. Try wrapping a towel around the bottom of your suit when you sit down on harsh surfaces. You’ll keep your suit protected and looking good as new.


Following these proper swimwear care tips or the care label instructions on your suit will help you preserve your favorite swimsuit all summer long! Take a look through Limeapple’s Swimwear Collection for great deals on high quality swimsuits for girls of all ages. 

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