With our first real snowfall of the season setting the mood, we're curating a bunch of our favorite holiday DIY ideas.  Perfect for decorating your home, or gfiting, these will definitely get you in the right state of mind.

*Snowglobe pictured from Whipperberry 

1. Dip it in gold - these paper cut feathers are the perfect way to top off a gift or card.  So easy to do, they
add the perfect luxe touch and home made feel. 

2. Marble ring dish - completely hand made - oven baked and all - this marble dish looks and feels much
more expensive. 

3. Latte it up - everybody loves a good mug. This blog features these beautiful watercolor mug ideas perfect for gifting.  Do it up in holiday colors for an extra festive touch. 

4. Sock snowmen - these are super cute holiday ideas for your kids, and they look adorable! 

5. Gingerbread scrub - with the weather getting colder, a hot bubble bath is definitely alluring. Give the gift of pampering with these cute gingerbread sugar scrubs. 

6. Holiday dinner - all holidays call for family gatherings and the highly anticipated dinner.  These festive iron on napkin ideas are the perfect touch. 

7. All that glitters is gold - a stunning way to decorate your Christmas tree, these glitter ornaments are festive and classic. 

8. Let it snow - the snowglobe epitomizes all things holiday. With the ever trendy mason jars, this is the perfect holiday DIY idea.  You can completely customize the inside with a snow diorama and more .

Show us your favorite holiday DIY ideas!
Happy Holidays! 


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