5 Insanely Cute Tween Clothing Trends for Fall 2017

Fall is around the corner.

Yes, that means school is back. But so is one of the best things to happen in fashion -- layers! As it cools down, it's time to bust out the snuggly, cute clothes.

Take a look at these 5 cute tween clothing trends that everyone will be talking about this fall.

  1. Tween Clothing Goes Bold

Bold Tween Clothing

    Tween clothing can be kind of simple at times. Make your tween's style stand out with a cute jacket.

    A cute preppy look of a skirt and graphic tee can be updated with a simple army jacket. The earthy tones of military-style jackets can transform those old spring floral patterns into a chic look for fall. 

    A new season is rolling in -- and so is football season. Tweens can up their game day looks by adding a Letterman or denim jacket over that awesome jersey gear.

    Using a plaid jacket adds a diversity of textures to a monochromatic style. Or, have the new generation bring the 80's back with a flashy neon jacket and a basic white Tee to keep it cute.

    1. Prints

    Cute Tween Clothing Trends for Fall 2017

      These days, you can let loose with prints.

      Put a pair of polka-dot pants with a contrasting blouse or sweater. Plaids of all kinds can be paired with some comfy jeans or even more plaid.  

      And don't forget about the animal prints. A pair of pink-jaguar tights and a black top can create a fierce look that's too cute to ignore.

      It won't be a surprise that prints are going to leave a mark on fall fashion this year. 

      1. Denim Anything

      Limeapple Tween Denim Jackets

        Tween clothing is no exception to the most important rule in fashion -- denim goes well with everything.

        Denim dresses are amazingly versatile. They can be worn with sandals while it is still warm. Or, they work with boots and a flannel shirt when it gets chilly.

        Of course, no one can forget overalls. Denim jean skirt overalls are super-cute for fall. 

        Embroidery accents on denim jackets or jeans can add a stylish bit of character. Plus, customizing them with patches can be a fun, DIY- way to add personality to style.

        1. Give Your Favorites the Boot

        Reviving those summer dresses is easy when worn over a long-sleeve-shirt and swapping the sandals for boots.

        Take that style to a new level with an extra cute pair of socks to go with it.

        Who doesn't like baggy sweaters? They're so comfy! But with a pair of ankle highs, they create a look that is beyond cute.

        1. What's the Bag Deal?

        It's back-to-school, and tweens will be needing something to carry all of the essentials.

        The rucksack is a great fashionable option to pair well with fall styles. It looks great and has plenty of room for tablets, notebooks, and more.

        Be Unconventional

        Be creative. Be fun. Be yourself. 

        If you like something, don't shy away from flaunting it.

        These are the days that not only tween clothing, but all clothing, becomes an outlet for expressing ourselves.

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