How To Dress In Age Appropriate Clothing For Girls

“What should she wear today?” said every mom with a young daughter.

Daughters are a blessing. You feel it more than ever when you’re dressing them up. But did you know that with the increasing use of social media, the pressure on tween girls to dress more maturely is on the rise? Little girls are being exposed to older styles of dressing sooner than ever, and we tend to overlook this shift in young girls’ fashion choices. It’s important and is really fun to help your little girl dress up to hang out with her friends.

When it comes to age appropriate clothing for tween girls’, there’s a plethora of options available. Both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Go online and search for a dress for an 11 year old and you will come across so many dresses that are more suitable for teens rather than tweens.

So, how do you dress your tween appropriately? Here’s some of our tips. 

  • Set an example
  • Your daughter will always look up to your style. If you show a lot of skin, she will do it too. If you dress modest, she will too. It doesn’t mean that you compromise on your personal style. Just be careful when picking your own outfit when you’re going out with her. Before you know, your children will start dressing like you.

     mother hugging her tween daughter from behind

  • Educate her on clothes
  • You are your daughter’s first teacher. And clothes are an essential subject. Teach her about different styles and help her embrace her natural style. Guide her on comfort and quality. 

  • Love the colors
  • Try all the different colors. No need to stick to blacks. The LBDs can be worn a few years later. Every color has its own charm. Go for the bright pinks, yellows and the pastels. There are hundreds of color shades to choose from.

  • Match the age
  • Dress modestly. Children are not miniature adults, and shouldn't be dressed that way. Plenty of cute dresses are available to shop online at 

    three tween girls wearing a navy beach cover up, a orange sun dress and a white romper dress


    As a parent, it is also important that you encourage your daughter to express herself when she dresses up. Don’t be the one to push your fashion choices on her. After all, fashion is a way to express who you are! In short, there should be a balance between style and fitting in with her friends, and appropriate clothing for her age range.

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