Cool down this summer with some fun (healthy) drinks

It is always fun in the summer to quench your thirst and beat the heat with some fun drinks. Sitting in the sun and reading with a cold homemade drink is one of my favourite activities - so I decided to share a couple of my favourite recipes with you.

 1.  Iced Tea

Boil some water and put your tea of choice in. My favourite teas to ice are green  and spearmint (it is also yummy to just put mint leaves in). Let it steep until desired strength is reached. Pour it into a pitcher full of ice. You may want to make the tea a bit stronger than you would usually have it because the ice will dilute it. Add sweetener if you want and put it in the fridge for you and your family to enjoy at any time.

 2. Infused Water

I know this may seem like a cheat because it is so easy but it is very tasty. My favourite is mint and strawberry. All you do is put your favourite fruits into a water bottle full of water and wait for them to infuse their taste into it. It is a fun thing to drink when doing summer activities, and makes drinking your daily intake of water much easier and tastier.

 3. Coconut Water

It's no surprise that I'm a fan of coconut water.  I have already raved about the advantages, but in the summer it is extremely refreshing. It helps keep you hydrated, especially if you're active and it helps clear up your skin as well. It's also super fun to drink it right out of the coconut too!

4.Watermelon Slushie

This favorite tastes just like a slurpee except a dozen times healthier. Blend watermelon, a bit of lime and ice. It is essentially a watermelon smoothie but it is amazing for a hot day. No sweetener necessary and no sugar crash. 

5. Lemonade

Squeeze lemon into hot water and add sugar. Put in a pitcher full of ice and let cool. There's tons of recipes on the internet featuring different lemonade concoctions, like blueberry, strawberry... change it up! 

6. Homemade Ginger-Ale

This is not bubbly but it is delicious. Boil sliced ginger for about 10 minutes. Then take the pieces of ginger out, add honey and pour the ginger water into a pitcher of ice to let cool. Ginger helps cure stomach aches and various sicknesses. This is a twist on ginger ale that my family absolutely loves.  You have to try it!


I hope your summer is full of active living and fun drinks. Tell me what you think about the recipes and share some of your favorites with me!

Love, Arden


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